Attitude and affirmations of Selfrealization for daily reading

Swami Kriyananda — Kriya Yoga Master

More than anything else I like to meditate! The more I meditate, the more I enjoy meditation! I get great joy from meditation! Meditation gives me a lot of joy and energy! I like to meditate most of all! I like to spend a lot of time in meditation! I have a perfect asana in meditation! My spine in meditation is perfectly straight! In meditation my body is completely motionless! I have a very strong concentration in meditation! I'm enjoying meditation! I devote a lot of time to meditation! I am very inspired by deep meditation! In meditation my devotion to God and Guru increases more and more! I spend most of the day in deep superconscious meditation! I like doing Energizing Exercises! I get a lot of pleasure from them! Energizing Exercises give me a lot of energy and joy! I practice Yoga, Energizing Exercises and meditation with great inspiration and enthusiasm! The more energy I spend, the more energy I get! I feel vital energy well and perfectly manage the vital energy! The Divine vital energy in my spine flows very powerfully up to the center of Christ Consciousness between the eyebrows! Energy fills me! I radiate joy and energy! I have great willpower, faith, determination, perseverance, courage, aspiration to a spiritual life and self-confidence! I perfectly follow all the yogic principles of Yama and Niyama! I get up very early, waking up from a pleasant deep night's sleep, and the first thoughts that come to my mind are dedicated to God! I eat sattvic food that is good for the soul and maintain a healthy yogic diet! I like doing asanas! My performance of asanas is becoming more and more perfect! I get great joy from doing asanas! My will and intuition are getting stronger every day! I have the most powerful will and perfect intuition! My consciousness is intensely expanding! My love for the whole Existence is growing! I radiate energy and joy! I am always overwhelmed with joy and inspiration! Always and everywhere I am in deep peace, goodness, peace and harmony! I get great pleasure from meditative asana! I meditate deeply with the highest concentration in the bliss of Superconsciousness, completely motionless in a perfect asana! I am always in Superconsciousness, deep peace and Divine Joy! Divine Love overwhelms me! Every day my meditations get deeper and deeper! Throughout the day, I constantly maintain within myself the divine presence and the turning of my consciousness towards God! I have a lot of free time for practicing Kriya Yoga and meditation! Every day and night I spend many hours in deep superconscious meditation! The more I practice meditation and Kriya Yoga, the more I succeed in everything, and my wealth also increases! The greater my wealth and prosperity, the more free time I have to practice Kriya Yoga and meditation!! Everything I do turns out great! Luck accompanies me in everything! Everything I need comes to me on time! I manage to do everything in advance! Every day I manage to do more and more! I have more and more energy! Every day it becomes easier for me to cope with all my affairs, I get more and more joy and satisfaction! Everything I do is easy for me! I do everything with great enthusiasm and inspiration! My work gives me a lot of joy! I follow my dharma in the best way! Everything I do brings me great happiness! Everything I do is filled with Divine Energy and Divine Joy! The Divine Will guides me in everything! Every day I devote more and more time to Kriya Yoga and meditation! I practice Kriya Yoga deeply and regularly! I spend most of the day in the bliss of deep superconscious meditation! Kriya Yoga and meditation give me more and more pleasure and joy! I enjoy Kriya Yoga and meditation practice! Every day I meditate deeper and deeper! The practice of Kriya Yoga and meditation is increasingly expanding my consciousness! Under the inner guidance of a Guru, I practice meditation and Kriya Yoga in Superconsciousness! Most of all, I like to meditate and practice Kriya Yoga! All aspects of Superconsciousness are becoming more and more fully manifested in me! I am approaching Selfrealization as fast as possible! With God's help, the help of a Guru and the practice of Kriya Yoga, I will make the best use of all opportunities for awakening and God-realization of the soul in this life on Earth! I have perfect Asana, perfect Pranayama, perfect Pratyahara, perfect Dharana, perfect Dhyana! My service to God is becoming more and more perfect! I love God more than anything in the world! Most of all in my life I like to be in God! I get great joy every day for many hours deeply meditating on God in the bliss of Superconsciousness! I really like being in the Divine consciousness all the time! Every day I get a deeper experience of expanding consciousness and Divine Joy! The Divine Mother directs my mind, all my actions, all my thoughts, all my feelings, all my energies, all my will, all my life! I am free from pride and ego! I open my heart to the divine presence! I dedicate myself to God! I follow my dharma perfectly and fully reveal all my talents and abilities! I have perfect faith in the mercy of the Almighty. I am making the best use of all the possibilities of this life for spiritual advancement! The Divine Will perfectly and ingeniously governs my whole life! I have perfect purity of heart, humility, love for God, devotion to the Guru and complete surrender to the Almighty! I open my inner consciousness to God! I commit my whole being to God! My life is divinely perfect! I am filled with gratitude to God for all the favorable opportunities for the rapid evolution of the soul on the Path of Kriya Yoga!