Центр Крийя Йоги Ананда


Temple of Light from paper



Instructions for making Temple of Light from the paper

Preparatory drawings: 1) roof, 2) cupola, 3) walls and floor

Cutting lines are solid, folding lines are dotted


1. Print two sheets with images

Link for loading of drafts


Roof of the Temple of Light

2. Cut the big circle on the roof image.


3. Fold the sircle along radial dotted lines.


4. Make cuts along the solid lines and cut the triangles marked with solid lines.


5. Cut along radial solid line leading to small central circle, and cut out small circle.


6. Put two segments of the roof on two other segments and glue them. So that instead of ten segments there would be only eight. And fold edges


7. Bend segments inside and superpose edges.


8. Glue edges so that would be no holes between segments


9. Paint the roof as shown at the image or as you like



Cupola of the Temple of Light

10. Cut a circle by the outer line


11. Glue the foil to the other side of the circle


12. Fold the circle by the radial dotted lines


13. Cut along the solid lines.



14. Put two segments on two other segments and glue them. So that instead of ten segments there would be only eight.



15. Fold the edges rectangle outwards



16. Round segments inside




Walls and floor of the Temple of Light

17. Cut out the drawing along the outer solid lines.


18. Cut windows of the walls by sharp knife or small scissors


19. Cut along solid radial lines


20. Fold little triangles


21. Fold along dotted lines and raise them to vertical position


22. Glue adjoining triangles


23. Fold out small squares



The Temple of Light assembling

24. Insert rectangles of cupola inside the hole in the roof and glue rectangles to the roof.





25. Glue the walls to the roof by small squares on the walls




26. One could place smal altar or Master`s pfotos inside the Temple of Light


You could put the Temple of Light on your altar or the other place for inspiration and sending energy for building many Temples of Light in numerous further communities in the world


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